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Meet Jayde!

When I first met Jayde we had no plan. I usually tell my clients that we will just go for a walk and take it from there. With Jayde it was no different. We met down by the river, around midday and took a stroll.

We started with some formal portraits to test the light and instantly the camera loved her. She was so at ease in front of the lens it made my job a pure joy. When some people stopped and watched, she was unfazed exuding a confidence I most certainly didn’t possess at 20. It turns out Jayde has always wanted to model but felt she didn’t have the confidence. I couldn't tell, not only is she beautiful but she is so comfortable in herself and moved so naturally.

Jayde has buckets of personality and a smile that is both radiant and welcoming. Conversation with her just flows naturally. She is both interesting and interested. A clever young woman with ambition she longs to see the world. Jayde is currently studying journalism in Dublin City University which she hopes to transform into a travelling career getting the best of both worlds. For now, she is loving her studies, even if it is from a distance. She enjoys the social media side of things and has a huge interest in radio too.

It is no surprise to learn that she is co-host on a weekly podcast called "The Catch-Up". As the name suggests, Jayde and two of her college friends Yasmin and Sarah "catch up" every Friday over zoom. The conversation varies from serious to silly to supernatural and everything in between and is well worth a listen.

With only one year left in her studies the world will soon be her oyster. I just hope she remembers me when she is a Multi Media Mogul!

The Catch Up is available to listen and download on Spotify and can be found @thecatchupfm on Instagram.

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