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Sciurus Vulgaris

Updated: Dec 21, 2020

Not a very pretty name,

Whoever thought of it could quite possibly be insane!

For what I see with my camera when I'm quitely lurking,

Is some of Mother Natures finest workings.

Known in books and mythologies for many a year,

If I can just be quiet, to get close and near.

With his long red tail for balance, jump and steer,

And warmth for when winter is here.

Sharp curved claws help to climb and food to find

Strong legs to leap at the hind.

He makes a dray out of twigs and branches

He stores his food, doesnt take any chances.

But he must be careful and watch his back,

a stoat or fox might fancy a snack.

Technically deemed as a rodent,

But consesrvation has my consent

Off he goes, scurries away

To Leave me wanting for another day.

Words by Deirdre O'Neill

Photography by Aoife O'Neill

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