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So Many Wonderful Things To Look Forward To!

This is one of my favourite photos from a Maternity Photo Session I did yesterday with gorgeous Mammy to be Emma and her, as you can see, very excited familiy.

It will be my last session for 6 weeks.

Because of Level 5 there are alot of feelings. Mostly "I Can't". I can't work, I can't meet my family, I can't meet my friends, I can't go to the beach, the list goes on and on and on some more.

So using Emma as my inspiration I'm going to think of the things I can do. I can look forward to hearing when her little boy is born. I can look forward to restrictions being eased and safely being able to photograph him.

I can enjoy the midterm with my two children. I can soak up the last of Autumn. I can discover new places within my 5km. I can photograph my little family. I can put up that shelf I was meant to put up during the last lock down. I can light the fire!!

There are loads of us feeling overwhelmed today. That's OK. Some days are just harder than others. You are definitely not alone. Reach out, make the call, get fresh air. We will get through this. Wash your hands. Wear a mask. Stay Safe .

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