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The Cormorant

While out for a walk last week I came across this enchanting fella. I had never seen a bird like him. Luckily I had the camera with me, I took many, many picutres. He posed for a while, then put on a spectacular air show for me, before settling back onto this branch to surveying the River Nore that flowed below him.

I now know that this beauty is a Cormorant. They are known as a voracious water or sea bird. They are very patient an rest high on a tree branch for their preferred fish and can dive deeper than other birds.Sometimes they may swallow stones to help them dive deeper. He is different to other birds in that he must let his wings dry out. They can often be seen sitting near the top of the tree with their wings spread in order to dry them, although sometimes it might be in the pursuit of love.

I love how proud he looks in this photo, I hope you enjoy it.


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