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True Blue Baby I Love You

They say when you fall in love, life takes on a different hue. For Oisin and Lidija that hue is blue! And what a brilliant blue it is.

I met the cerulean couple back in October near Wexford Town at the fantastic Murphy’s Barn. This unique venue in the heart of Wexford was a stunning backdrop for the true-blue pair to host their family and friends for their commitment ceremony. Sinead and her team at Murphy’s Barn went all out and created a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

Meeting Oisin & Lidija the vibe was electric. I could instantly see how much they adore each other. Oisin wearing a brilliant blue shirt that not only complimented Lidija's hair beautifully but also her jewellery and stole, as well as her gorgeous blue shoes that Carrie Bradshaw would envy.

We first took off down to the meadow where Oisin creatively improvised a reconstruction of the proposal with a dandelion. The laughing started there and didn’t stop.

A literal hop, skip, jump and a visit to the duck pond later we took a romantic stroll down by the Hydrangeas. These are some of my favourite photos. Lidija's smile, the intensity in Oisin eyes, the power of their connection shines through.

As the stunning couple greeted their guests the fantastic Sandra Garzon captured the merrymakers as they arrived.

The crowd mingled and enjoyed welcome refreshments in “The Dairy” before moving, drinks in hand to “The Gallery”. This beautifully decorated old stone barn set the scene for Oisin & Lidija to proudly share their love with their nearest and dearest.

The wonderful Helena Murphy was not only there to perform as celebrant but is a dear friend of the couple too. As she told the story of Oisin and Lidija and their love of all things from Axes to Yoga I snapped happily away. The one thing that stood out as I looked through the lens was their love for each other.

After the commitment candles were lit, Oisin kissed his bride and they turned to face a mighty cheer from their guests.

Before bidding farewell, we stepped outside for some real true-blue photos that ended our night on a high. We left the blue beauties to re-join their gathered guests and enjoy their evening.

I would like to extend a huge thank you to Oisin & Lidija for allowing me to capture their very special and magical day.

Thank you also to Sandra Garzon, Sinead and team at Murphy’s Barn and Helena Murphy Celebrant.

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