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Wonderful Winter Wedding in Beautiful Borris

Tom & Dee

On the 6th of December last year I received an email from Tom asking me to get in touch as he was looking for a wedding photographer. I rang that afternoon only to find out the wedding was only 1 month and a day away! Though Tom and Dee have been together 17 years, have three beautiful daughters and 2 precious pooches, they only got engaged over Christmas 2020.

Now they had decided to make it official, to be the Bride and Groom and to become Husband and Wife and start 2022 with a celebration.

Fast forward to the morning of January the 7th 2022. I was up before dawn. I was excited, I couldn’t wait to get started. Typical Irish weather meant that I couldn’t take the quickest route, the risk of snow on icy roads was too great. The whole way to Bunclody I was praying to the Photography Gods that the day would open up. Even as I arrived the sleet was falling; the clouds were all but touching the ground and there was a real chill in the air. But, as I set foot inside the door, it was clear that the weather really didn’t matter.

The preparations were in full swing. Dee was in the hair chair make up already done. The girls, Megan, Mia and Misha, still in their pjs warmly welcomed me and as soon as I had said “Hello” to all, the camera was out and I got to work.

The girls were a great help, moving furniture so we could photograph “The Dress”, as well as taking me on a little tour of the house and the beautiful setting that is Gorse Farm.

The wonderful thing about this wedding prep was that everyone was getting ready together. Bride, Groom, Bridesmaids, Nanny & Grandad all under one roof. Which of course meant I captured some touching intimate moments, from the cup of tea with Nanny to Grandad up on his tippy toes, as well as the Bride filling the dishwasher and the Groom making coffee!

Tea and coffee drank it was time to get ready. Nanny and Grandad were first in their finery, followed closely by the three lovely sisters who were pretty as a picture.

Next up was the man of the moment, Tom. Looking dashing in his suit and every inch the groom. A few final tweaks with the help of his parents and he was more than ready to get married.

Mia, Megan & Misha
Pretty As A Picture

With everyone dressed but the Bride it was time for Dee to step into the dress of her dreams. She looked radiant. Simply stunning. As Dee and her daughters gazed at the mirror emotions kicked in. Almost 20 years in the making, Dee was about to marry her best friend.

Dee takes a moment to take it all in

Dee & the girls admire the view
Mirror Mirror

As Dee stepped out the door to greet her Groom, Tom was enchanted by her beauty, enveloping her into his arms as they both shed happy tears.

All prayers were answered, the sleet stopped falling, the fog rolled back up the mountain and we had seven glorious minutes where the light was just perfect! We stepped outside to brave the wintery weather and take full advantage of the view. The energy shifted, filled now with not only excitement but also with a passion that can only be described as True Love.

The Beautiful Bride
Snow & Sleet, Where Ground & Clouds Meet

Dee & Tom steal a few moments together
The Happy Couple

With that buzz in the air it was time to go get married. I’m sure it was an exciting journey for the family as they drove to Borris to the stunning venue The Step House Hotel.

With mere weeks of planning I can honestly say they pulled off the most intimate of weddings.

Although there wasn’t a theme it could easily have been “ Our Family”.

All three of their beautiful daughters were as much part of the day as Tom and Dee were themselves. Mia & Misha were the bridesmaids and their oldest daughter Megan did a beautiful reading that had her parents beaming with pride.

The family contributions didn’t end there as Tom and Dees sisters also did readings while two of their nieces provided the ceremony music. An elegant blend of flute and harp creating the most magical ambience as we heard the stories of how Dee and Tom met and fell in love.

With Grandad holding- and dropping - the rings and both Mother of the Bride and Mother of the Groom signing the register this wedding really was a celebration of all those important to Tom & Dee.

After a mingle in the Cocktail Bar with their guests Dee, Tom and the girls dared to step out into the elements for the first official photographs as “THE WATKINS”.

A quick skip across the road the Watkins literally stopped traffic as they crossed the street. As cars blew their horns in congratulations to the happy couple, I could tell they were on cloud 9.

The Watkins Stop Borris Traffic
Stopping Traffic

They retired back to the stunning hotel penthouse for a few calming moments with their children, taking time to soak up the memories of the day, before re-joining their guests for a relaxing dinner.

The Penthouse @ The Step House Hotel
Penthouse Views

I was back with the Newly Weds by dessert, where they presented their beautiful daughter Megan with a birthday cake for her sweet 16th. As she blew out the candles the crowd cheered, a birthday I am sure she will never forget.

The charming wedding cake was made by Toms aunt, an ode to the couples love of trucks with a very special number plate to commemorate their wedding day.

After the cutting of the cake, the DJ called Tom and Dee to the dancefloor. As the couple danced their first dance it was like there was no one else in the room. As they swayed to the music they looked into each others eyes and held each other tight, it was Perfect.

It's as if there is noone else in the room.
First Dance, Perfect!

The Newlyweds are joined on the dancefloor by their guests
Party Time

As the party kicked off it was time for me to put down the camera, pack up my gear and head home and leave them to enjoy their night.

Thank you to Dee and Tom for allowing me to capture your wedding day. It was such a pleasure and an absolute honour to spend the day with you all.

May your love last forever. X

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